Painting Contractor in Rochester, NY

Over time, your home or business may lose its curb appeal due to weathering and stripping of the paint on it. However, there's no need to worry — here at Gerlach Home Improvements we can get a fresh coat of paint on your home or business in no time so it's the most attractive house or business on the block. Our skilled staff can match the paint to your previous color if you so wish or give you a whole new look altogether.

Indoor Painting

Our interior painting methods have been defined to ensure the best results.  Whether you are looking to paint an entire home or business or just a single room, we can help.  You can count on Gerlach Home Improvements painters for the best quality work at an affordable price.  We take pride in our abilities to make your home or office feel & look like new.  
Painting contractor working on painting the wall in Rochester, NY
Painting contractor working on painting the wall in Rochester, NY

Outdoor Painting

The team at Gerlach Home Improvement does thorough jobs when it comes to outdoor painting. We first power wash to get them completely clean, then paint or stain. If you want to change the color of your paint, we have free color consultations so you get our expert input on what colors would be good for your home or office. The perfect hues can make all the difference in being a beautiful home or office or an eyesore.

Custom Painting

If you have a painting project that you have questions about or maybe just some advise, give Gerlach Home Improvements a call today and we can help.  
Your business should reflect a professional appearance; Gerlach can provide that. We do commercial , industrial and retail painting.  
Your home should feel inviting and reflect your personality and character.  Our painting experts can assist in helping you choose the right color for your home and provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have hired a company you can trust.  
Skilled carpenter repairing the cabinets in Rochester, NY

Residential Painting

Over our many years of residential painting, we have completed work on many homes.  Our on-site painting procedures are done to ensure the safety of your family and our techniques have been established to secure the longevity of your homes paint.  If you should have questions regarding our process, please give us a call. 

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is an ideal project for your business especially if your office building's interior or exterior is looking run down.  If you want to paint your building in a way that will get it noticed or if you just want to secure the authenticity of your building by painting it the same color, we can help.  Our painting expertise will give you peace of mind, give us a call today!

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